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taipi-ainobiito rock ver

My Kis-My-Ft2 Collections (≧▽≦)

I made this post for hybrid-angel14 XD I had in mind that I wanna post about my Kisumai collections someday but I'm so lazy like hell lol~ Then Hychan make me make it haha

Hmm I was belong in T&T fandom before Taipi stolen my heart XD I have some of T&T singles and an album. I also have Takki's butai dvd. But I'm not gonna talk about it now (¬▽¬)

So now let's begin XD

CDs/DVDs Corner


I like Kisumai when they’re still juniors so when the debut was announced I already prepare but..honestly I never imagine that Kisumai will take mostly of my money X’D I managed to collect their CDs from debut time until noww. Hmm my collections are based on my ichiban and I'm so biased lol~ So there's a time when I only buy 1 version, just because.... (≧▽≦)

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My 1st Kisumai Trip 25-29 July 2013

Yes! Finally I made it. I met Taipi lol. I mean, finally I go to Japan and watched Kisumai concert for the 1st time!!! I always dream to go to Japan tho, watching concert and butai but that time, my target was Takizawa Hideaki haha.. Anyway, I'll try write about my trip while I'm in Japan it will short tho, coz I hate writing XD and my point of view for the concert itself. You can skip my trip story if you want XD Ah yeah for this is not a concert report anyway XD And I can't guarantee is this 100% accurate. My ichiban is Taisuke so there will be Taipi, Taipi and Taipi only ( a bit of Mitsu too i think XD). I warned you.

My flight was at night on July 24th, I go to Singapore first then continue to Japan. I met for the first time with my friend while I'm transit in Singapore. She's Singaporean and Kisumai fan too. We usually talk a lot in other social media but this is the 1st time I met her. It was a long flight, I can't sleep on the plane tho, so I watch movie haha. I arrived at Japan next morning (July 25th), Japan is so hot. Ah speaking of hot..when I'm in my immigration here in my country, the immigration-man said, Japan is so hot during July, and he suggested it's better come to Japan in December. lol. well not that I didn't know about that, but no choice XD. Ok, back to the trip, I right away to go the hotel to put my luggage and head to Shinjuku. I wanna go to the 'LOVE' statue, the place where Taipi's drama, Shinikare, took one their scene. It was cloudy, and when I searching the's rain u____u but I don't give up. And yay...I found it!! XDD

photo 1
That's me on tree lol (// v //) I remember Masaki leaning on the tree but there are so many tree there lol so yeah i just choose the closest one. Next destination is Nakano. Place where I bought all this XD~

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So this is the souvenir from the concerts XD
photo 4
From the last show, I managed to get Taipi streamers again and Nika XD. I get the blue one, but my friend want it so, I give it to her :D The 'love' streamers was from during Kiss Your Mind song XD~~ When the song ended, I still busy collecting them on floor lol. Looking for the pink one. And yeah red too. When back to hotel, I realized i have 5 love pink and 5 love red XDD~ So good ahhh.. Oh I also take a pic on the place where Kisumai held conference press XDD~~

Finally it's done. Oh God, writting is tiring lol!


only a dream..

I woke up this morning with tears on my cheek. True! I had a nightmare. That dream make me cried :'( I dream of Kisumai. I know, if I dream Kisumai it's supposed to be a beautiful dream, right? coz I'm their fan afterall. But not this time. Ugh, I was dream, that Kisumai will go somewhere with plane (didn't know/didn't remember where they're gonna go or what for). Then suddenly I heard a news, that the plane which Kisumai taken had an accident, it falling down. Mitsu and 1 other member (I try to remember which member this is..but I couldn't. But it's not Taipi) died. I'm crying and scream 'Mitsuuuuu!!! Noooooo!! Kitayama~~~ why?? why??'  I check my twiiter also, and all said Mitsu was gone (Yes, I dream that Kisumai's plane is falling down and Mitsu died). -- Then I open my eyes, realized that I'm between tears, awake or not..I grab my phone and see my twitter..and everything alright, nothing happened. I'm so relieved. OMG!! How can I dream about that??? >.<  I never thinking something scary like that before I go to bed. Oh my..what a scary dream. I told my friend about this, she also shock why I can dream something like that, but she said don't worry, it's not real. Yeah, it's not real, but I still wondering why? Oh well..the only answer I got's only a dream. I really hope nothing bad will happen >.<

Change to other topic, I finally placed my order for Kis-My-Mint Tour live dvd at tokyo dome. I order via yesasia. It will late to arrived here tho coz it's takes 7-14 days to arrive here, but well it's cheaper than if I order in cdjapan/amazon. Plus in yesasia if u buy above $39 u will get no shipping fee or free shipping (with note, in shipping method..u must choose 'standard method' which means your package will arrived between 7-14 days). In amazon, your package will arrived faster, coz they use DHL. The problem is..when it arrive in here, they will charge u more for the custom fees. I can't afford that. Cdjapan is good, they really good in packaging, specially if it comes to poster. But cdjapan shipping fee is expensive too. Well yeah it's depend which shipping method u choose, but in my opinion it's still expensive. Oh, my 2nd batch for Kisumai con goods + Taipi shop/papa photo are still in japan. My friend is so busy these days. Oh well, let's wait. 

Nothing else I guess.


something I missed..

Should I start my post about Taipi will be lead a drama for the 1st time? lol I guess that odd already ^^;; But oh well this my lj afterall haha.., the news can be found here and here. I'M SO HAPPY!! *just saying* hahaha.. Oh Mitsu also will take part on that drama. Fujikita together again! I like that. XDD 1 more thing that I shud write here is about Kis-My-Mint Tour live dvd at Tokyo Dome!!! It will release on June 20th, 2012 here. 5 days before Taipi's birthday hahaha~~ But I still not place my order yet. Maybe I will order on YA. Free shipping fee :D

Yesterday, my friend ask me while we were chatting, 'Amy, is kis-my-1st good?' I wonder why she asked, then she said, she just bought the cd on the store here. I was like 'here? here?!', are u kidding me?! where u found it?!! lol. Honestly I didn't know that Kisumai cd will hv indonesia version. or did i miss something? I guess not. hmmm.. So today, I decided to go to cd store near me. I went to 2 cd stores lol. 1st store, couldn't find it. 2nd store, OMG!! I found it!!! and the price is more cheaper than u bought online XDDDD. Here, they only have LE B. Maybe because LE B has a lot of song compare to the others, so they choose this version. 

*kis-my-1st cd                                               *kis-my-zero cd

The different between this one and japan version is only on the booklet. The paper for the booklet is in different quality (japan ver is better haha..), and the booklet doesn't have the lyrics part. ^^;; The CDs is all the same. 
Um, my first plan was only buying the RE C, done that. Then buying the LE A later, done that too. That's is. I skip the LE B. But that was only a plan. Cause now I bought that LE B lol. I order the LE A yesterday (before my friend asked me about kis-my-1st), and it's to late to cancel the order. Oh well planed to skip the LE B, now I have those 3 versions. lol XDD



1st batch..

Tadaaaaa~~ lol XDD


it's arrived today! XD The huge poster that came along with the She!Her!Her! cd is still with my friend in SG haha.. That poster is huge. The size is not like usual con/butai poster so yeah I ask her if she mind to keep it the poster for me until I come to SG later (until I come to SG to watch Kisumai concert..hahahaa..) and she said, no problem. :) Thank u M-chan! The kissmint gum, I didn't dare to open it lol. Now I think, I should ask her to bought 2 for me haha..well I never thought that I wouldn't dare to open it tho XD
The papa pics - Taipi kissed the teddy bear is omiyage from her XDD also the 24th cosme flyer hahaha..

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Full of happiness..

I want to post this yest. but I got home at yeah I only post it into my fb n twitter. XD

I order SHH and Kis-My-1st via YesAsia. The package need 2 weeks n 3 days to reach my home..hahaha. It's longer that usual.

Yesterday, I almost a whole day a way from home. When I get home, got into my room, yeah..I found the package on my desk! I open the SHH single first, wanna know whose poster I get. Doki doki XDD. I was say, taipi poster, taipi, please taipi..repeated. lol. AND..kyaaaaa~ XDDD I got it!! I've got Taipi mini poster!!! *full of happiness* 

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on kisumai history

Hmmm..what should I write this time?

Finally, one post in March. lol.

1st of all, this is just for my record. 21/03/12 Kisumai released their 3rs single 'SHE! HER! HER!' and on 28/03/12 Kisumai released their 1st album 'Kis-My-1st'. SHE! HER! HER! had 3 vers : LE, RE and shop ver. Kis-My-1st had 4 vers : LE A, LE B, RE and shop ver. The info is here Total is 7 versions if buy all of them. And no, I'm not bought all. Only 3 cds. RE SHH single, shop ver SHH and RE  Kis-My-1st. Yeah, I skip the Kis-My-1st shop ver. (with regret..haha..) The RE ver for SHH and Kis-My-1st are shipped already. And for the SHH shop ver, I'm wait my friend to pick it up when she go to Japan this week. 
Also Kisumai will do the nation wide tour, named "Kis-My-Mint Tour" start from 03/31 (today) until 06/03, info here
Um, did I ever write about Kisumai CM before? Not Well, Kisumai has their 1st CM. It's gum product, Glico's Kissmints. In this CM Kisumai did the cross and Taipi is so beautiful. XD Here the cm XDDD

Now, for the recently things. haha. KisMyMint Tour start today. And the con goods preview is everywhere now. XDD 
Kisumai - Kis-My-Mint Tour 2012 Con Goods : (source : shatteredtenshi@LJ )
    # Pamphlet -------------------------------------------------------- 2000 yen (Taipi sides : Taipi1, Taipi2, Taipi3, Taipi4, Taipi5, Taipi6, Taipi7)
    # Poster ------------------------------------------------------------ 800 yen
    # Uchiwa (solos - 7 types) ------------------------------------- 500 yen (version of : Taipi, Mitsu, Tama, Senga, Miyata, Nika, Yokoo)
    # Clearfile (group, solos - 8 types) ---------------------------- 500 yen (version of : group, Taipi / Taipi1, Mitsu, Tama, Senga, Miyata, Nika, Yokoo)
    # Photosets (7 types) ------------------------------------------- 600 yen (version of : Taipi, Mitsu, Tama, Senga, Miyata, Nika, Yokoo)
    # Shushu/Scrunchie) -------------------------------------------- 1300 yen
    # T-shirt ------------------------------------------------------------ 2500 yen
    # Tote bag --------------------------------------------------------- 1500 yen
    # Penlight / Penlight1 --------------------------------------------- 1300 yen
    cr pics : twitter and weibo

OKAY! I'm gonna get myself pamphlet, poster, Taipi's uchiwa, Taipi + group clearfile, Taipi's photosets, tote bag and penlight. Is that too much? lol XDDD Well..never bought a clearfile before. But this time..I really want it!! XD OMG! I'm dying. 


Suddenly a year has passed...

I think it's time to update my lj again.. XD

Before I write my random things..I wanna say
"Kisumai...Happy 1st debut anniversary!!! (12.02.12) When realized this, I was like..omg, one year already?!..haha.. year ago the brown envelope came up in their con and its change their life (and our life also..haha..). I knew the news from TakiChannel..happy like crazy!! lol..  One year has passed many things happen. That time I was expected a great thing would came up from them. Of course their 1st single is awesome..also their 2nd single, but I a lil bit disappointed with the pv..and 3-4 split thing..and I'm kinda bring me back my 'old' kisumai. Butno matter what I still love them..well love is blind, right?  Coz..u know what..I believe time after time they will fix everything and will improve to become much better. So just wait and be patient for them. Now I hope their 3rd single will be blast and really really hope the pv is better that the 1st and 2nd one. The other things which awesome is..they will release their 1st album this March. Also kisumai will have nation wide con tour start from Apr 1. XDD

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